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Treatment Areas: SculpSure

SculpSure melts fat in the areas that are hardest to work off at the gym, or through healthy eating habits alone. The two most common treatment areas are the abdomen and the hips. Fat accumulates on these parts of the body even when we take good care of ourselves. With an effortless 25 minute treatment, patients can see significant fat reduction in both areas.

The Abdomen

Regardless of how many sit ups you do, often, your stomach will carry layers of fat. Great news! A SculpSure treatment can finally help you see your stomach muscles and jumpstart your motivation to maintain healthy habits.

When you receive an abdomen SculpSure treatment, you will recline in a chair while Dr. Scarpidis targets fat deposits several inches above and below your belly button. Expect to feel a warming sensation as the laser penetrates your skin to discharge the fat cells hiding your abs.

Be proud of your stomach! Get a New York SculpSure treatment today and say hello to your bikini-ready abdomen.

The Love Handles

Fat often deposits on the hip bones. Sometimes, even the most rigorous medicine ball routine won’t get rid of your love handles. If you’re ready to fit into your favorite pair of pants, and if you’re frustrated by your fruitless efforts to work off your love handles, a WarmSculpt by SculpSure 2.0 treatment may provide the assistance you need. A SculpSure love handle treatment can diminish the fat accumulations on your hips by up to 2 -3 inches.

The treatment lasts 25 minutes and patients can expect to see results in 6 -12 weeks. Upon completion of the procedure, patients report feeling motivated to maintain healthy living habits.

The Thighs

A lean thigh is often difficult to achieve if you don’t climb stairs every day. If you notice layers of fat accumulating around your hamstrings, inner leg and backside, but cannot work it off, WarmSculpt by SculpSure 2.0 is an effective alternative.

A SculpSure thigh treatment can take up to 2-3 inches off your legs and backside, creating a sleek look that illuminates the lean muscle mass in your legs. In a 25 minute treatment, SculpSure will restore the natural, elongated appearance of your thighs.

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